Elite Rampa not found

My Elite Rampa isn’t found when discovering new devices.

Some older Rampas don’t support FTMS so they won’t work (but it should see it in connections). Without FTMS you need to have Ant+ on phone. You can check to make sure you have latest Rampa firmware. One of my testers has rampa and it works for him. Also make sure you accept location services, delete app and reinstall if you are not sure. Also make sure no other apps or devices are connected to it.

Thanks for the reply Alex. I tried your recommendations but still no luck. I can connect with my Garmin 1030 and it works fine for power, cadence, heart rate. I guess I’ll keep using that for now.

FYI- The TD app doesn’t even show up on location services in my iPhone.

Oh I assumed you were Android. I do t think older rampa will work with our app. Unless you buy an NPE cable device.