Enhance Workout Flexibility on the "Today" Screen with Time Ranges

I love the convenience of the “Today” screen for quickly finding workouts. However, the current time selection (choosing from a fixed list) limits the variety of workouts that appear.

For example, if I select “75 minutes,” I miss out on workouts that are 74 or 76 minutes long. This means a significant portion of the workout library isn’t accessible on this screen.

My Suggestion:

Instead of specific times, let us choose a time range on the “Today” screen. For instance, I could select “70-80 minutes” and see all workouts that fit within that range.

This small change would drastically increase the number and diversity of workouts suggested on the “Today” screen. It would make the app more flexible and help us find the perfect workout even when our available time is a bit variable.

Hi, I have not forgotten about meeting with you. Just busy. I like the nature of this request, but let’s dig into this question a bit deeper so I fully understand your end goal.

If you look at your list, one of the is 77 minutes now :slight_smile: It is a range now but maybe it is some how more weighted towards your desired time (I don’t believe it is but maybe).

I am not sure exactly sure what the range values are now. I believe it’s like ± 5 minutes. See below. I got +5 minutes for 2 of them. So we should figure out what the ranges are and/or try to figure out what problem you are trying to solve (FOMO?)

Hi Alex,

You’re right, I took that screenshot from my computer where the workouts do vary a bit in length.

Typically, I use the “Today” screen on my iPhone, and there, the workouts are consistently 75 minutes long. That’s what sparked my suggestion for the feature request.


It’s the same logic on phone as desktop as far as I know, actually the workouts should be mirrored. I just did my phone and got 80 as well.

Interesting, yes I just did a search on 70-80 minutes on the web search and their are a lot that are not 75 minutes that are at the top of popularity, even lower intensity ones, so we should be seeing more of them. As I said it might be weighing the results favoring the 75 minute mark. I for sure see them if I press refresh a bunch of times…