Enhanced Strava Integration for TrainerDay Workouts

I’d love to see TrainerDay offer more robust integration with Strava, specifically for workouts that are linked to a training plan (either indor or Outdoor workouts).

Current Situation:

When completing a workout synced from TrainerDay, the Strava upload often lacks detailed information about the workout itself. It would be incredibly helpful to have TrainerDay automatically populate the Strava description with the following:

  • Workout Name: The exact name of the workout from the training plan.
  • TrainerDay Link: A direct link to the workout within TrainerDay for easy reference.
  • Workout Details: A text summary of the workout structure (e.g., intervals, targets, etc.).


  • Improved Strava Logs: Makes Strava activity logs far more informative and useful for analysis.
  • Workout Showcase: Easily share the specifics of your training plan workouts with your Strava followers.
  • Seamless Experience: Eliminates the need to manually edit Strava descriptions after each workout.

Additional Considerations:

  • Configurability: Make this an optional feature that users can enable/disable in their settings.
  • Customization: Allow users to choose which details (name, link, full structure) are included in the Strava description.


Instead of a Strava description that just says “Morning Ride,” it could look like this:

"Sweet Spot Intervals - TrainerDay
[Link to TrainerDay Workout]

Warm-up 10 min
3 x 10 min Sweet Spot (90-95% FTP)
3 min rest between intervals
Cool-down 10 min"

would be awesome indeed !

Oh yes, I forgot to respond to this. What a great idea. We will do this for sure. Meaning at least have a flag that people can turn on components of this that that want. If it is not done in our app it seems likely that someone will do a different workout and we could mis-identify it, but still I think in 90%+ of cases we would get it right especially if the person does something similar to planned.