Enhanced Workout Scheduling Flexibility in TrainerDay

Currently, Coach Jack’s plans allow users to select training days, maximum workout duration per day, and designate a “Long Ride Day.” I propose adding the following features to further personalize and optimize training plans:

  1. Intensity Customization: Allow users to specify desired workout intensity for each day. This could be implemented using a scale (e.g., 1-5, with 1 being easy and 5 being very hard) or a simple “Easy/Moderate/Hard” selection. This would help users align their training with daily energy levels and commitments.

  2. Outdoor/Indoor Preference: Introduce the option to indicate whether a workout is intended for outdoors or indoors. This recognizes the potential differences in workout experience and allows for better planning.


  • Improved Integration with Daily Life: Intensity customization enables users to schedule harder workouts on days with more time and energy, and easier workouts on busier days.
  • Optimized Training: Acknowledging the distinction between outdoor and indoor workouts helps users tailor their plans to their specific goals and circumstances.