Erg Mode Difficulty

I am executing a workout in erg mode. When changing intervals, trainer is not responding properly to the target power. This is not a cadence issue; I have been completing erg workouts for years and know how to vary cadence when transitioning to the next interval. I have attached a picture to provide more explanation.

Wahoo Kickr Core, TD App 2.7.6, iOS 15.4.1

Do you use the powermatch feature ?

Yes I do. Assioma Duos. Didn’t really consider that but from reading posts from others, that might be the culprit.

That’s what I also noticed, with different apps. Another reason why I don’t use ERG, whenever it’s possible.

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Did you figure out? I agree it is likely power match causing this. Our power match is not as powerful as TR V2. We need to create a V2 powermatch also but it mostly works, but in some cases it’s not ideal.