Erg mode not coming on Edge 830 and Kikr

Erg mode works on theTD app no problem
I want to run the workout from the Garmin Edge 830. As it will then sync the history to Garmin connect
The trainer day workout loads on the Edge all good but no Erg mode
Any suggestions? Thanks, John

Hi, John so you can

  1. use TD to do the workout and record on the Garmin
  2. or you can use Garmin to control the workout.

Assuming you mean #1 then some people need to turn the Garmin on after TD is already connected because what happens is the Garmin tries to take control of ERG. There should be a way to turn this off but I don’t know how.

Thanks yes can use TD but then have to import history manually in Garmin Connect

When only using Edge for the workout, all the steps show us but no option to activate ERG mode. I want to use ERG mode

I am suggestion in option #1 using both at the same time and then you record on the garmin but control with TD. Many of our users do this now. It’s a nice solution. Using Garmin to control the training is not ideal, so just recording the workout on it solves this problem.

I had a garmin before and struggled to get it to control in ERG also but many people also do this. I gave my tester my Garmin 530 and he can do it no problem. I use Wahoo now. I think you just have to read more about it. This has nothing to do with TrainerDay itself.

We could make this a public discussion and a Garmin user might be able to help you. Let me know if you want me to convert it to public.

That is a good idea. I will try it

Sure to making it public