ERG Mode not Working with Direto (Resolved)

I downloaded the App on my iPhone, connected to my Elite Direto via Bluetooth, selected one of the 20 free workouts… I can see my rpm and power as I’m pedalling, however, as the intervals with increased target power appear there is no resistance from the trainer. I toggled between ERG and the other mode just to be sure but there wasn’t a change. I’ve used this trainer with other Apps and it works fine in ERG mode.

Hi there, we have had Direto users in the past that had issues but I have not heard anything in a long while. Do you have the latest Direto firmware? Make sure nothing else is connecting via Ant+. If none of that works, we have a special debugging mode that might help us.

Thanks for the quick response!

I just checked via the Elite App and it says I’m up to date.

I deleted the Trainerday app and reinstalled, this time I believe it was working. I did the FTP test and advanced the intervals to the harder ones and the trainer made that familiar noise and I sensed some resistance. The display seemed to flicker between low and high numbers (for power but also cadence and heart rate, though I wasn’t using HR).

Are there any settings I should adjust (smoothing, etc.), and any other tips.

So far I love the simplicity of the interface and see this being great to use while watching Netflix (etc).


Interesting, good to hear it is working. Increasing our smoothing helps but our smoothing needs a better algorythm to make it really smooth. Wahoo has it’s own smoothing which is really good but my Tacx Neo is super jumpy too. I would love to make our smoothing like Wahoo’s or at least be able to smooth it. Yes I like Netflix too, and really I like different things but our app makes it perfect that when you want simple you can use it and don’t mind paying for a month of Zwift sometimes if that is what you are in the mood for. I usually just use their free 25km :slight_smile:

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