Error. Training plans sync with Training peaks

I have an error when sending a training session to training peaks "Sorry your send workout to TrainingPeaks failed. There is likely a problem with this specific workout but if it happens with other workouts disconnect and reconnect in Apps and Devices.’

I try recconect apps and Devices but it didn’t solve the problem.

Can you share the workout you’re having a problem with? @dstadnik39

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this happens with all workouts

Example Ericsson.zwo — Яндекс.Диск @Jeremy

Would it be possible to send the link of a workout from TrainerDay? You can just copy it from the url/address bar @dstadnik39 If it’s happening with all workouts it’s probably something TrainingPeaks related, but would be interested to see a workout too.

Trainer Day - Workout: Ericsson @Jeremy

This workout works fine for me. You should disconnected from TrainingPeaks and reconnect and make sure and enable all options when you connect.