Estimated KJ / Calories on Workout Summary Page

It would be neat if there was an estimated KJ/Calories/kCal on the workout page. Potentially by the time/stress/intensity/popularity ? Or somewhere else completely, just seems like there is potential space on the workout page. It doesn’t need to be on the list-view, but perhaps inside the workout summary. This would give an estimate of the KJ’s per ride rather than just the intensity.

I have been calculating it by hand by using the formula (FTP * Intensity) * (3.6 * hours) . Or after a ride using (avg power * (3.6 * hours)). Maybe this is something that other users would find valuable? might just be me :slight_smile: I try to keep KJ into account over demanding training periods. It could also be used to estimate calorie burn for those tracking calories or trying to lose weight.

note that another classic calculation for KJ is (total avg power * seconds) / 1000 . Can be calculated based on minutes, hours, or other intervals according to formula…

Yes I never hear of Americans talking about total kJ but I now I see some do and I know many serious Europeans do. I don’t use them but I should start maybe it will help me get more serious :slight_smile: I will consider this. As you point out it’s easy to add.

Yep I like that idea of having a record of a record pf kj use as it helps over a period of time to see how your fitness is improving based on the effort required to complete the session.

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I was looking for the same exact data. As we all are competing with yesterday’s ourselves, such data would be a great motivation. And since the smart trainer does deliver directly momentary power on your screen, it might be this way? Even adding all the 1s readouts would be neat feature because the value would depend on how hard and how long you ride.

Or somehow to calculate a fancy new counter like “Super Duper Training Stress 'o Meter Value” or points or tear drops after each training and collect 'em all?

I was about to write the same request as this is missing. Please calculate the calorie count after or during an exercise as well. This looks like a pending request thus it means it has grown on importance.