Event Training Use

Hi Alex!

So, I have been playing with Coach Jack and it all appears to be working as expected. I really like that it now appears to be asking all the questions that I thought a plan builder would such as: date, type of event and duration. As such, I am ready to get my plan in place but have a question I wanted to pose before getting it setup and begin the fun!!

So a rookie question. Let’s say I go into Coach Jack and setup the plan. I then push over the first 4 weeks of the plan as it suggests. What happens when I get done with that 4 weeks and want to send over the next 4 weeks? Do I go back in to Coach Jack leaving everything, as far as questions go, as is and it will show me the same plan and I just pick the next 4 weeks or do I have to basically create a new plan like I did originally and let it look at Strava as if new? Will it automatically skip the Base and go to Build for example and eventually from Build to Peak or will I need to just skip the Base and go to Build, etc?


Hi sorry so slow. On the main CK page there will be history and a link to create next 4 weeks.

Got it!


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