Explanations for the User Interface

I’m kinda new to the Trainer world. I picked up an H3 to try to get back into shape, especially during the Winter. I am planning on going to the full plan once I get past the beginner stages! I’ve been trying out some of the lighter workouts, and I am still having questions on the layout of the UI. It seems to me that there should be a User Guide explaining all the features. I’m trying to understand the resistance generated by the H3 and the Graph for each work out.

I currently use the app. Another question is, I understand the 20 “Free” workout limit using the app. If I use the Web version on my laptop, can I use the Workouts I create or will I have to upgrade for that as well?

Yes, you are right we need more introduction videos and blog articles. I will see if I can create a video today or this week at least. Also yes, you also have to upgrade to use workouts you create. We should make this more clear as well as this is a common question.

Here is a super quick overview but a video would be better. I will see if I can do one asap.


Can you explain the difference between the: Resist / ERG / Slope Modes?
ERG is Energy?
I hate to say it, but looking through some of the posts, folks use a lot of terms that that one could use a Glossary! LOL
What, if any, is a good way to connect a Pace 2 to track BPM?


Thanks! I look forward to seeing the videos. I appreciate the “free” training. I think Noobies will be more apt to go paid once they get a feel for the system and get burnt out on the freebies and want to move up to the next level. It’s getting over that hump that makes the difference. Question, do you change up the Freebies every so often?
Thanks Again!

Hi we don’t change the free workouts but when you are riding one workout you can merge into another one and press the skip button and extension button not to mention + - buttons so you can essentially create any workout you want on the fly (during the workout) even in the free version. Yes we are happy to provide free training in hopes that people get excited and are willing to upgrade.

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Ok, I was just wondering as I did do a “Warmup2” when I first got my trainer, but it’s not on the list anymore. It was like the current “Warmup” but had some steps built into the profile, unlike the flat warmup.
As far as merging, I need to build up my endurance 1st. Slowly but surely.

Oh yes, funny you noticed, yes we changed the warmup to flat. I think there was one other workout change but generally they are static. As I said you can ride for 5 minutes then press + button and 5 more and + and have the same as teh previous warmup for example.

Resistance Mode = this is like the old-school type of trainers where you dial up the resistance using a “dial” and there’s a belt that actively presses on the flywheel to make it harder to spin. Resistance mode if not mistaken, is dependent on manufacturers. Programs just sent it stuffs like 10% resistance or 50% resistance. (we don’t send things like watt)

Erg - I think GPLama explains it better in a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbeliW8uObk

Slope / Simulation Mode - In this mode, what happens is instead of sending the trainer a predefined Target Power (ERG mode), it instead sends it Gradient. Much like when you ride outdoors and the trainer will use those gradients, coupled w/ things like wind / drafting factor / tyre resistance / gravity / user weight and then the Trainer (via it’s firmware) will translate that into a set of wattage needed for the user to ride such that it’s “like” riding outdoors. Simplest example of Slope Mode is Zwift. Here’s another example of how riding a slope mode workout would look like.

YOu can create a workout in Slope Mode using TrainerDay’s workout Creator (note that a subscription is needed) - note the red box

you can also read more about it here -Importing a Route - TrainerDay Blog

This is what coros has to say. Have you tried it? I do not have a Pace 2 and my Garmin doesn’t Broadcast HR


I have a PACE2 and the broadcast over BLE works. It can only be used to broadcast the integrated optical HR sensor and not for an external chest strap for example.
Turn on the broadcast and have the Trainerday app scan for sensors. It will show up as COROS…


Is there a glossary of terms? I searched for the words glossary and offset. I’m trying to find out offset does, how it is used. How does the number of seconds I enter affect the time of each interval?

It´s a ´delay´ for the text popup.
If you enter some text that you want to display for an interval, it will display x seconds after the start of that interval.

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Question about that, on the iPad you see the three dots from the top right of the “Info Cubes” with three dots and one being highlighted a specific way, as if you were able to scroll through other options - but when I press it, that doesn’t really change. The top “dot” is still highlighted - is that a bug ?

It depends on how you define bug but yes you are totally right they should change. Really it shows 3 dots and their is only 2 positions so the 3 dots was just to indicate their was additional functionality but after I saw them I was thinking the same as you they should change, especially since zoom level does.


I did a workout and I couldn’t access the + button settings while riding, it has a lock showing on the screen, but I realized it add 15 seconds each time I pressed it on at the end of the workout

Please see my screenshot

You have to press and hold to unlock it.

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