Export workout to garmin connect (FIXED)

When i sent a workout to garmin connect i noticed that the resistance percentage x ftp is not calculated correctly.

It’s based on your FTP in TrainerDay. We send specific watts to GC because if we send % then while training you will see % not your target watts. If you mean Coach Jack workouts then we also try to simplify the workouts for outdoors which makes it so it is not the exact same watts.

I understand your answer but the problem is that garmin connect doesn’t multiply ftp and percentage.
See the screenprints.

This is unbelievable. We have so many people doing this. I just tried and you are absolutely right. It is not using your FTP but using your FTP as 100w not actual FTP. We will get this fixed ASAP.




Oh we see the problem. It’s not a problem with the workout itself (the reason no one complained). It’s a problem with the description we send.

In this overview that is the description. We will fix that ASAP also.

This is fixed.

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