FAQ. How does our speed and distance calculation works with Strava?

We have a weight setting in our rider settings on the web site. We generally use this calculation below, or a very similar one.


We condiser .5% grade on the hoods…

Hi Alex,

I completed a ride earlier and I got the below different distances & speeds (no elevation) through Strava & then Training Peaks.

Just wondering how it shows a workout happening in Austria and why the distance isn’t more realistic? I tried the bike calculator and it looks different in terms of distance, watts etc.

No major drama, more curious than anything else

Strange it seems like TP is not considering the route. Seems like our bug. Will need to investigate. My developer is in vacation so I won’t bother him on this one.

Hi there, just wanted to share I have the same question. My strava activities seem to be very short in distance compared to the time I’ve cycled.

What I think happens is that the elevation gain strava shows is wrong, as its always 0.

Oh, maybe we are sending 0 for elevation gain or something instead of “empty” meaning I would assume if there is a route in strava they would calculate the elevation themselves. We will review this. But generally if your distance is short to time and you are seeing a map with climbs then turn it off

If you go out and climb a big hill in zwift or in the real world your distance will also be short :slight_smile:

Are you doing an indoor ERG mode type ride or a SIM mode ride where you’re “climbing hills” indoors?

if it’s an indoor ERG mode type ride, it should be 0m/ft elevation

We actually support adding virtual maps to ERG (really all rides), so it also has climbs if enabled in strava settings. Even in our slope mode it will randomly pick a map that does not relate to the actual slopes done… Good or bad :slight_smile:

haha… yeah… diff strokes for diff folks…

for me, ERG mode rides, w map should still be 0m elevation
For Slope Mode Rides, yes, there should be elevation.

eg: ERG mode workout. 0m elevation

Cool, yes I started working on art rides. We also have a setting for interesting places that is very flat. So climbs is optional and not on by default. I think most people prefer the speed and distance from flat rides in ERG :slight_smile:

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