Feature request - interval with power varied to keep heart rate constant

hi there. Would be great to have a feature in which one could specify a target heart rate (or range) and the power output is adjusted accordingly. One related feature could be a ‘ramp up’ period, where you can specify starting watts, a power increase amount per unit time to get to the heart rate if power needs to be increased initially. So you might start out at 60bpm and want to ride for 25 minutes at 145bpm - so you specify a starting watts of 100, 10% increase in FTP watts per minute to get to 145 bpm initially, then 25 minutes at 145 bpm. Thanks for considering. Cheers Anthony

Thanks Anthony, As I said via email, I love this request. I am not sure how to make it perfect in our editor, but it would be nice to make it simple so you can switch from power targets to HR targets

In this example it is showing 80% of your threshold HR instead of specific BPM. I know that is not as convient but would that work for you?

I have to think about it longer to see if I can think of a way to improve the workout creation process but maintain our simplicty.