Finished 16 weeks Serious Italian training plan and what now?

I’ve just finish my 16 weeks S.T. plan last week and I’m wondering anybody have any suggestion/ recommendation in what I should do next (to maintain) before the outdoor riding season begin? (In March maybe, 8 weeks give or take?)

Taking this week off and will be getting back on next week. So any tips and suggestion will be appreciated.


I would suggest choosing something from such a set.

And possibly added something stronger.


I agree with this 100%. Crank the intensity slider up so the beginning seems reasonably hard but you can still complete it without killing yourself and it will build from there. Now is the time to work hard and really get into that last peak performance level by the end.

What results did you get after completing the plan? Better or worse? Stronger or weaker? Faster or slower?


That’s a great question but honestly I don’t know… I feel like I gotten stronger. Both Garmin stat. and my FTP went up but that’s just from indoor because to me riding outdoor is totally different. There’s just no way, I can be certain unless I can go out and ride right now.

One thing I can tell you for sure is during this 16 weeks, I really got bored (tired/ burnout?) and sick of riding. Those back to back to back ride was hard (Friday, Sat and Sun 2+ hrs. ride) both mentally/ physically and at time I just wanted to stop and quit altogether. And in fact, three rides I have to dial down my FTP just to finish the ride. (wish adaptive training was a thing like TR)

Anyway, I’m going to start a new plan soon and this time I might just dial back (days and time I ride) a little.

Great, I will give that a try. Thanks!

In coach jack you should not be able to create 3 days in a row of 2 hours each day…
Did you do some magic? Maybe I need to test this. Generally the 3rd day should always be a recovery day and shorter… Yeah I would avoid burnout in the winters (actually any time). So yes if you had a hard winter you might end up with a burned out spring and summer so you have to try to really understand what is going out. Is it borderline over training or more just boredom? But yes if you are increasing intensity now you might want to reduce the volume. You also could consider a mini recovery period with cross training or something for 2 weeks but if you don’t need it I would not do it at this stage of the season.

Thanks for tips. Yeah that 3 days ride was because I choose the “Best Day For Long Ride” on Sat. :upside_down_face:

Yup just set up a “Big Intensity” training plan but I dial down the total ride time to five hours.