First rest period with wahoo snap doesn’t work

Hi I’m new to the app and really like using it with my wahoo snap. I’ve noticed one issue when following a structured workout - mine or one I’ve got from the library- after the first ramped warm up when the workout drops for a brief minute or two to a low zone , the trainer starts to drop resistance and then sort of catches and starts to revert to the same level as end of the ramp. I have to switch from erg to resistance mode and back to fix this and then subsequent changes are all fine, it’s always the first drop that doesn’t work. Just thought I should report the issue thabks

Strange. Are you using Android or iOS

Hi it’s IOS. The erg drops for a second or two and then picks up again back to where it was , then I switch briefly to Resistance mode. I’ve tried it where I keep my pressure on the pedals and let the app control the trainer entirely (like I do for rest of the rides) and also where I intentionally briefly reduce power as if I was changing gear (which I don’t normally need to do) and it’s the same either way . The Snap didnt ask for an update when I checked a week ago.

I should clarify that, it drops for less than a second, and gets maybe halfway down to the rest period level and then ramps back up to where it came from

Can you share the link to the activity you completed? I have hear of issues like this in the past but I think now they are all cleared up but Kickr Snap has been more problematic in general that most devices for us for some reason. Partially because we don’t own one. We have a kickr core and a kickr and they both work fine.

Hi sorry Alex how do I do that? I see the share option in the workout but can’t work out which is a useful share type

Doh! On the website!

So you are saying this is the problem area? If so I think the problem is that snap can’t handle the ramp with changes every second. I read some trainers can only handle changes about every 5-seconds. Zwift only sends 5-second changes for example.

Hi yep that’s the problem area although hard to see the detail of the effect. Works fine though for every other change. I will do a test and do the switch to Resistance and back midway up the ramp, maybe that will have an effect on the first drop. Currently in bed with Covid so could be a few days though yuk

Oh sorry to hear. Get better quickly. So yes manually converting ramps to steps should solve your problem. Once we are sure this is it we can see if we can put a fix in place for this.

Thanks , anything I can do to test it for you? I haven’t had a ramp mid-ride yet either

I will send you an easy test workout later today.

Thanks Alex, the actual ramp parts going up and down work just fine, but its coming off the first one which is the issue. back to bed now :sneezing_face:

Yes the ramps are working fine because it just ignores some of the targets being sent which is not noticable but when it gets to the end if it ignores one important target (single down value) its very obvious. Try this 3 minutes but don’t change it to resistance, just ride the whole thing in ERG and send me the link to the activity, but wait until you feel better. This should prove my theory.

ok yep that makes sense, will do, thanks

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