First training ride today(RESOLVED)

I started with a warm up workout today but the app would not double my Assioma single sided power meter output even though I had toggled that “double the power” button and also turned on power match as well.

I ended up disconnecting the power meter and just using the trainer for power output which worked fine.

But I would prefer to use my Assioma power meter as that would ensure consistency in measurements between my indoor and outdoor rides.

Oh we have a limit that pedal must be named/identified ending in L or R to double we should remove this so it will double any pedal a person wants. You can actually go into the Assioma app and set your pedal to double the power and that will resolve the issue for now. I will work on fixing this ASAP though. Thanks for the feedback sorry it is an issue…

Thanks Alex.

Another option is if I renamed my Assioma in the app to add L or R it would work right?

No I think it needs to be the internal name/id. I have Assioma single sided and just have power doubled in the Assioma app and it works perfectly for me. But we will still fix this anyway as it was just a bad idea to limit it by name :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex. I’ve done that now. Hopefully it doesn’t quadruple my power on the Wahoo Bolt (which already doubles the power) on my outdoor ride tomorrow :joy:

No bolt will be fine, it’s smarter than our app :slight_smile:

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Yep it worked fine today, thanks for the tip!

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