.FIT format planed workouts download


I am a new user and I love the platform. The whole TrainerDay environment is what I was looking for. Glad to have found you guys!

For a full integration with my GPS bike computer I would need the ability to download planed workouts in a .FIT file format, 'cause those are the only ones it accepts. When the season comes (it’s the middle of winter in Poland) I’d like to to do them partly/mostly outside and it will help me keep track during the workout.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Janek, super happy to have you. Right now I think you could push to IntervalsICU and download a fit file or TrainingPeaks, there may be other options as well. But this sounds like a resonable request. We are busy with a few things now so we can’t get to this right away. Just currious which bike computer do you have? And Dziedobre from Lodz and my Polish is niedobre…

You have the HQ in Łódź, Poland? Great to hear! Dzień dobry!

I recently bought Sigma ROX 11.1 EVO. Still learning the features.

The way you described with TrainingPeaks is what I do now. Intervals.icu does not provide .FIT download.
Just would be nice to not go platform to platform to download the workout. If you have that planned, that’s nice. Till then I will stick to the the “detour” way. Thanks :wink:

We are global and a US company but me and a couple tester friends are here. Everyone working from home. This is modern companies these days :slight_smile:

I fully understand about getting your files here, I will do my best to get it prioritized. Yes for sure you can do it in TP. You could send a whole plan there and download all the fit files (one by one).

Hi, i am also interested to geht this feature. Ibam using The Sigma Rox 11.1, too.

Do you have plans to archive this?

Hi we don’t have any current plans to do this. Seems like you could download ZWO from our site and convert here

At some point we might have a reason to generate FIT files for workouts so we could do it at that time.

Thank you, this is a good tip. I will test it.