Flatroad modifier in Zwift

I’d like to create longer Zwift workouts that would include some structured intervals interspersed between longer periods of virtual riding (allowing the trainer to respond to terrain changes). In a .zwo file, the way to do this is to add the FlatRoad=(“0” or “1”) modifier to a freeride interval. I normally download the zwo file from TrainerDay and then manually edit the file to specify FlatRoad=“0”; is there a way to do this directly within the workout creator?

No there is no way to do this now. I did not even know about this flag/feature. Let us research this but again this is a a feature request.

Funny you don’t recognize the feature, because the .zwo files I created in TrainerDay export with the Flatroad specified:

<FreeRide Duration=“300” FlatRoad=“1”/>

I think the Flatroad modifier only works for free ride segments. With winter coming up, the idea would be to replicate an outdoor ride that may include a few intervals over the course of a longer ride. While intervals are relatively engaging, pure endurance blocks can be mind-numbing on the trainer, and I find the terrain changes in Zwift help combat the boredom…

Oh yes. We worked on ZWO a long time ago and I was not doing the heavy lifting for this part so I forgot… Yes we just added a similar feature to our app, but I fully appreciate the need for the visual stimulation of Zwift. I need to read on this. Maybe we can use our new slope feature to translate to this flatride.

I don’t think it needs to involve the slope feature since a zwo file only allows FlatRoad=“0” or FlatRoad=“1”, so It’s simply a matter of changing the value generated as a zwo is downloaded. I was thinking that instead of entering “FR” in the type column, the author could write “FR0” or “FR1” to set the value.

As an aside, the slope feature is a game changer and a real differentiator for your app. It helps to address the shortcomings of erg and resistance modes, especially for short intervals.

I don’t use Zwift so I am not totally sure, but it looks like there is also a “flag” on a ZWO file: show_avg=“1” where if this is set, the average power will be shown on a Zwift ride. Might be something else to look into along with the flatroad modifier

Oh I see, yes that would be a simple change. We might be able to get that soon :slight_smile:

Interesting. Let’s see if people request it.