Free vs Membership

i can’t understand the difference between the free and the premium account.

Which are the “many more premium features” ?

i don’t need plan or coach jack, because i already have my personal coach who set up on training peaks the workouts.
I Only need the app to run TP workouts and automatically synch the workout with Strava and TP.

That said, I still think it’s worth paying this small fee to support the product, hoping that the contributions are invested in the development of the platform.

Yes, you are right and thanks. I should improve that pricing clarification. But as you can see you are limited to 20-free workouts in our training app if you don’t have premium. This means you can’t use TP calendar workouts with out the premium option. Strava sync is free. Hope that helps. Once you upgrade and connect to TP in our webapp and turn on the WOD feature you will see the next few days of TP workouts on the plan tab in our app.

There is video here showing WOD feature. You also need to press refresh in our app after upgrading from the web site.

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