"FTP" and "Threshold HR" Settings Issues (RESOLVED)

I have a “mid volume builder” training plan set to be used on and show up on the mobile app.

However, if I was to make a change to my “FTP” or “Threshold HR” on the mobile App, my training plan gets deselected/deactivated and I have to go onto the website to reselect that training plan to be active on the mobile app.

Also, any changes I make to my “FTP” or “Threshold HR” on the website is not reflected on the Mobile App.

Oh strange. We will look at tat and get it fixed right away.

Also, if you have more more than one device running the TrainerDay app, threshold changes on one device won’t carry over to the other device.

Changing it on Mobile Device A won’t reflect on Mobile Device B

It does work but you have to restart the app on the second device or at least I just tested it and this is how it worked for me. FTP updating from app to app in “real-time” would not be easy to make it work in the “perfect way.” I also replicated your issue above of plan requiring reset so this should be easy fix.

restarting the app on the 2nd device did not work for me. But, its a minor issue. I won’t need to be changing my threshold settings often.

We fixed the issue regarding saving FTP loosing your plan. As mentioned we tried some more but still can’t replicate the multi-device FTP issue, and as you said it’s not so critical so we will just monitor that and see if we can see it. Thanks for posting the bug(s).

Awesome, Thanks! I’ll download the new version tomorrow.

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