FTP% Ranges when creating workouts

Hello all! New to the forum and I did some searching to see if FTP% ranges were a topic but I could not find any discussions about it (please feel free to correct me if there is one that exists.)

I was wondering if it would be possible to incorporate FTP% ranges when creating a workout instead of having an absolute FTP% value? Or are the Zones settings meant to address this?


On the Create Workout page, click on the blue link More Options.
You can create workouts in Watts, %FTP and Zones

I don’t think that this is what @lechonkawally wants. These are ramps that start e.g. at 65% and end after 2 minutes at 75%.

Ranges are good for non-ERG workouts, where you can define a target not as a fixed % of FTP (e.g. 65%) but as a range (e.g. 63% to 67%). And you then try to stay in that range.

TP can create such ranges and a garmin head-unit can use them. But I don’t think TD is currently capable of creating such ranges.

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Oh, I see. Misunderstood that one.
Garmin creates them anyway even if you sent a fix target.
I think Alex spoke about doing the Range thing similarly to the Cadence Targets. But it would then be a setting in the app and not something coming from the workout-file. In case of non-ERG allow range of X Watts or % around target and change color of the Power number accordingly.

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I feel like it would be a lot more useful being in the workout file itself as I do not use the app, I would like to import the files directly onto my head unit if I am training outside, or if I am using the workout file on Zwift, etc.

Which head-unit are you using?
As stated, Garmin Edge automatically creates a range when a fixed target is sent.

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I am using a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, I was not aware that certain head units did ranges. Would you know if Wahoo ones do ranges?

Actually we create the ranges in Garmin workouts, it’s more that Garmin supports ranges. Because Wahoo users are using ERG, MRC or sending workouts via TrainingPeaks none of these formats support ranges. I do believe .plan files from Wahoo support ranges. If we added the ability to download .plan files then it should be possible to do this. Also I am trying to get direct integration with Wahoo but that is going slowly.

My Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt does support ranges.

A temporary workaround for others who would like ranges is to upload the workout to TrainingPeaks and change the target to a range there, then sync to e.g. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt.

I then save the workout to my library so I can reuse it.

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I add myself to this request. I use to train with my garmin edge 830, and if my session is with segments of ftp%, the garmin shows in the screen a range with a green line when you are inside or around the ftp target, yellow, and finally red when you are out off the range. After try all the popular apps, this is the best way to take control about the effort to achieve the target. The FTP it’s impossible to maintain in a exact number. And a range like the garmin does it’s perfect. So this will be a feature, that makes me use the app instead de garmin.