Garmin Connect not staying connected (RESOLVED)

I’ve logged in through the Garmin Connect link in the apps page about 2 dozen times. But for some reason it never stays logged in. I’ve enabled 3rd party cookies, disabled ad blocker, using different browsers, different laptops, using my Garmin username and email address, and still not staying logged in. Is there any other setting I should be fiddling with?


I am able to connect to TrainingPeaks without issue. Could it be a setting somewhere in my Garmin account? I checked my connected apps in Garmin Connect and Trainer Day is listed with permissions.

Very strange Jim. Let us research ideas here. Never heard of this before. I have been logged in for a year or more without ever being logged out from Garmin. It should not have anything to do with anything on your side (cookies or Garmin settings). It sounds like a bug in our code. Maybe timezone related or something. I will let you know what we find.

Thanks very much, Alex. Yeah it’s strange, I have a few other apps that are connected to my Garmin account without issue. And the fact that Trainer Day is listed in the connected apps tells me that it authorized correctly.

hmm, lost connection to Garmin Connect and can’t reconnect at all…
Something going on.

Yes there is a problem

Ok fixed. Something strange happended with our servers.

Thanks, Alex! Just verified my Garmin app stays connected. Thanks for the quick reply and fix!

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Howdy @Alex , thought I’d reply in this thread instead of creating a new one. I noticed while trying to connect my Garmin Connect account, the “connect” screen gets stuck. This is what I’m seeing still after waiting about 10 minutes. I’ve tried different browsers and getting the same issue. Not sure if this is on your end or Garmin’s end:

I got this to work. I was signed in to GC on my browser(s). I had to sign out of GC, but by doing so and letting the app connection do the sign-in, it worked. :+1:

Oh cool. Yes that looks like a Garmin issue.