Garmin connect & workout

Got a question. I have trainer day connected to garmin. i sent a workout to it and synced my fenix 6 Pro to my phone via GC. when i look under workout on the watch i only see today’s suggestion. What am i doing wrong ? I looked at other threads but could not find my answer.

Just tried to send it to the calendar and it shows up in the garmin calendar. So maybe it will work in 2 days. will report. When i send it to the library, is that supposed to show on the watch or is there an extra step i am supposed to do ?

After you send it to Garmin Connect workouts you must then sync the workout to your watch, so two steps. If you send it to the calendar it should show up automatically and you don’t need to do a second step.

I think this is what i did. i sent it to garmin connect and synced the watch. this morning i picked indoor ride->workout and the only workout i had was today’s suggestion. I sent it again and synced. will check on Wednesday on my next ride. is it supposed to be under the workout section on the watch ?

ok, i went on my phone app and under workout i see 3 workouts. But on my watch i do not see any. i need to google that then.

I may have figure it out. under the workout on the phone there is an icon to export it to the watch. so i guess it is not automatic.
Thanks for all the advice. Should wok now.

Yes, you need to send it from Garmin Connect on the phone to your watch. Then it will appear in the workouts.

thanks…appreciate the feedback

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