Garmin HRM RUN connection

Hi. I have a problem with connection my HRM RUN belt to TrainerDay app.
I have also Elite home trainer and this device was connected with no problem. But if I trying find devices in the app there is no any HR belt…

What can I do ?

With any other apps (Trainer Road and My Ellte app) there is no problem to connect with HR belt

Does it support Bluetooth? Some Garmin devices are Ant+ only. If it is Bluetooth make sure no other app or device is connected to it. Give me exact model and I can help research.

It is old first generation Garmin HRM RUN

Maby is ther any chance to measure HR with Garmin forerunner 645 watch if you check that I cant connect my HRM RUN ?

But as I said other apps on this phone connect corectly.
Yes I try to turn off all aplications and also restarted phone.

I’m pretty sure HRM-Run only has ANT+, even the second gen.
The metrics it provide are only supported in the ANT+ protocol.
But you say that other apps on your phone connect to it. That would only be possible with a Samsung ANT+ embedded phone and apps that make use of ANT+
Trainerday has no support at all for ANT+

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Yes MedTechCD is right, Garmin HRM Run does not have bluetooth and it appears the 645 does not transmit bluetooth either. We are still trying to add Ant+ to work on some Android devices but that is going slow… Only good option seems to buy a low cost HR monitor (or buy the new Wahoo Arm sensor :). Sorry I don’t have better answer.

Super old thread but I was facing the same issue and wanted to share my solution if that’s of any help.

I basically start a virtual run on my Garmin Forerunner 245. The watch is connected to my HRM Run and I can connect my iPhone with TrainerDay on it to the Watch.

This is how I get my HRM run data on my phone, but I was wondering if there was a better option than having my watch in the middle.