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Just want to say hi, say it here. If you have a new question, just create a new topic, thanks

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@Alex, you may want to know that the “Forums” link on the website goes to “Pricing” iso here.

Claude, thank you so much. It’s fixed now.

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Tried TrainerDay for the first time last night after reading about it a couple of days ago.
I really liked it, simple and straight forward to setup and most important no issues during my ride, it just worked which is more can be said for other software I’ve tried recently.
I’ll give it a couple of weeks trying the free workouts and if its stable and reliable I’ll sign up, its just what I’m looking for.
Many Thanks

Sweet Ian, happy to have you aboard :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, subbed today, I’m over the moon with having the ability to create my own workouts and upload them to my Elemnt Bolt for 3.5eur a month. I’d love to do performance science in college in September and I spend my free time looking at training articles. So I never saw the value in an expensive coach and 130eur TP account when they come to the same conclusions as I do with regards to zone training. Thank you and Trainerday’s team for a very fair subscription fee and well designed site.

Edit: Can’t wait to spread the word and I think porting MRC files is the best way for me to go about uploading workouts but it would be cool to see if there was a way of making a program that could do it automatically so long as the device(elemnt bolt in my case) was plugged in

Wow, so happy to have you!!! :slight_smile: I agree with everything you say. I keep trying to get direct integration with Wahoo, my friend is the main developer responsible for their public API but I still can’t get it prioriized. Us, Xert and all want this and are working as a team but not moving forward. The only option for you is to use a free TrainingPeaks account and push workouts every day you want to ride to TP and then it will show up in Wahoo or with paid TP you can create a schedule in TP. If you want adhoc training the way you are doing it is probably best at this time. Thanks again

Because I start my rides in an urban area I generally only make the workouts or intervals in blocks so that i can start them mid ride, I know what I have to do most days and I’ll do whatever session it is. I believe in simplicity and not Zwift style workouts with as many colours as a rainbow. So I’m not overly fussed about not having a weekly loaded plan, because I do similar interval blocks weekly.

Edit; I’d heavily recommend setting up a TD Instagram account

I think your strategy is how everyone should train outdoors :slight_smile: or even go more simple and just memorize or top tube simple workouts… I wanted to crate a way to print toptube stickers… :slight_smile: anyway glad to have you sounds like a great approach.

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