Getting RPM requirements into Training Peaks

Is there a way to get the RPM requirements for a SFR workout into Training Peaks? I sent the workout over but it doesn’t state any RPM requirements which seem to be a unique part of this workout. I also need it to show up on Zwift through Training Peaks.

Yes, it’s a very critical part of that workout. Let me review that. I am not sure if TP allows us to set RPM targets that go to zwift. I thought it worked this way but I guess not.

Looking at the workout in TP it just gives watts.

I understand. We will fix this if it is possible.

Update. I decided to do the workout and just ignore the cadence. I wasn’t so lucky. Using Zwift, Zwift Companion and Stages SB20 loaded the workout as normal and started riding. As normal 4 minutes@ 100 Watts is showing. As I’m riding along, about the 4th segment, Zwift starts screaming at me, Spin faster, spin slower, more power, less power. So all of the cadence information does transfer over, but you are not notified until you are on the actual segment. TP and Zwift gave no indication that the cadence information would show up. It was hard to avoid the spiral of death on the cadence of 40 but I am assuming ERG mode is still the preferred method here. Zwift gave me full gold stars on all segments, probably out of pity. I would like to see a preview of what cadence is coming up but I can definitely live with this as the whole workout transferred.

I would say ERG mode is not that important, it’s more just convienient. Spiral of death is a bit like big gear starts :slight_smile: but I agree some trainers struggle to keep the right resistance when you are dropping rpm rapidly. SB20 with the big flywheel might struggle more in this regard, so in this case slope mode might be better. I have not tried this but can you use slope mode in zwift during a structured workout? You can in our app, but I realize many Zwifters want to stay there :slight_smile:

Big gear starts is exactly how it felt. As far as I know Zwift only has ERG mode. It takes about 7-10 seconds to dial in the right cadence and power but that is all part of the fun. I would like to see a heads up as to what cadence is coming. I’m just glad I do these indoors because I’m mostly glued to the screen trying to hit my numbers.

What some people do both with TrainerRoad and our app is use our app for control and use zwift with power over Ant+ to be in the game. Then in our app you could switch to slope mode if you wanted. I realize if you use zwift companion that starts to get ugly :slight_smile: I believe my whoosh let’s you do workouts not in ERG mode and is free version of Zwift but personally I would probably still use Zwift.

I will see if there is a way we could add target information including RPM in previous interval comment. I think the problem is TrainingPeaks does not support interval comments. Zwift does but via ZWO files.

I will play with this option over the weekend. Right now when I get home I need to just get on the bike and go to get my workout in, that’s working good for me right now. I do use Zwift with a dedicated PC and not Apple TV so I have more options for setting it up. I use ANT + for everything now because it has been stable for me. I did try to use the Trainer Day app yesterday but I could not add any devices. It could only find my Apple watch. I did switch to broadcasting the SB20 and Garmin HR monitor via Bluetooth but the app couldn’t find anything. I will have to play with that as well.

Many SB20 users use our app so it has to work some how but I will keep thinking on ideas as well.