Good news for TrainerDay

So we have a new investor and partner here at TrainerDay. Yeah!!! :slight_smile: He is a silent partner for now but he is an amazing individual, he is an avid cyclist and an early TD subscriber and passionate about what we are offering and where we are going.

Because of his investment we are adding a couple more people to the team as well as expanding our focus.

The increased focus will be to provide tools to improve the experience for the non-self coached athlete (help them choose a plan and more…) but we believe some of these features will be crazy cool and also provide benefit to the self-coached cyclist as well.

Don’t worry we will continue to invest in the core features for the self-coached athele at the same pace or possibly even a little faster than before. Lots of new stuff coming soon. Many app improvements as discussed, detailed more training history on the website and more. Improved “My Plans” is coming very soon.

I realize I have said a lot of nothing here regrding the shift in focus ideas… :slight_smile: Just really wanted to share the exciting news. Sorry for not providing more concrete details but I will provide early access to members here and any existing paid members that want to check it out. Still months away on that stuff. Targeting to be completely ready prior to next winter season.


Slow clap meme here: the DiCaprio one from “Wolf of Wall Street.”

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Trainerday is the best app on the world :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, this sounds like great news. Thanks @Alex for sharing! Looking forward to seeing what comes over the next year for TrainerDay

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Great news, Alex, even with the patchy details :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:! Awesome work you guys are doing, keep it up!

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That is really exciting…

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