Heart Rate Conversions Available

When you add a workout to your TrainerDay calendar. You can convert it to HR based. We have improved it so that the defaults will use the Coggan conversion so it will now be more accurate, but if you want to set your own conversions you can. So if you want to do indoor during the week with power and outdoor on the weekend with HR, this makes it pretty easy/fast as well as accurate for you.

You can see his zones here.

I am still avoiding user definable zones at this point because if you want more advanced features like that, I suggest you use Garmin, TrainingPeaks or IntervalsICU.

But since we need a way to convert power based workouts to HR based workouts we added this conversion factor.

I had been using the “send to TrainingPeaks (HR)” and it’s been working just fine until now. It was always more realistic than that convert to HR button. But now, they appear to be the same conversion.

In today’s workout the easy was too easy and the hard was too hard. I noticed the settings to make the conversion, but cannot replicate what the “sent to TrainingPeaks (HR)” used to do. What was the conversion settings used previously?

Oh no… the good news is you can go into profile settings and change your ratios. If I understand the problem clearly setting all zones to 1 should be the same conversion as it was, especially no conversion factor. I will ask my developer tomorrow to make 100% sure I am right. But I am surprised that covert to hr was different then send as hr.

I’m very interested in knowing this and also if you will do the same for intervals.icu thanks in advance regards from Mexico

Hi Marco, I don’t exactly know what you mean. Are you saying you would like to be able to push HR based workouts to Intervals?

Sí así como puede uno convertir de potencia a HR en mi calendario y enviar a Training peaks, hacer lo mismo Pero a Intervals.icu ya que sólo está la opción a Training peaks

Yes I understand (intiendo :slight_smile:), you mean like this.

I will try to get my developer to do that soon. (hopefully in a few weeks)

Yes like that, thank you very much, ok
(Entiendo :sweat_smile:)

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Hello Alex.
In the Android app it is not possible to set the ratios. Or?

No we are going to start bringing more and more features to the app but for now you must go to the website.

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Thanks Alex,
I hope that it is soon because the HR values are much lower in the app in relation what’s on the website.
Is there a workaround for this?

Oh, I misunderstood. yes, you are right. Are you using our calendar? I will get this prioritized as asap. I knew it needed to be done. I will shoot for a week if we can. Not too much longer if not.

yes I’m using the calendar and it works great.
If the HR issue is solved it’s perfect for me.
Keep up the good work

I switched on “View workout in real-time on PC…” in the app and copied the URL in my browser on my laptop and everything is in the right HR-rate value, using the HR-rate ratios of the web site settings. Nice !

Hi Dick, I would like to say “Great” :slight_smile: but I don’t think this is actually fully true… If you use HR mode inside our app, it has it’s own conversion settings and will show that but that is not the same as the settings in the web settings ratios.

Likely tomorrow, if turn off HR mode in the app but have an HR workout in the calendar it will show the right conversion in the app and if you use HR mode it will double convert it. We will need to work on HR mode to use those same settings. This is all confusing :slight_smile: We need to simplify but it will take a little time. Thanks for pushing this forward and great to hear the new web view works for you.

You’re right Alex, I was cheering too soon. :upside_down_face:

I hope that the conversions of the app and the website do match each other in a future update.

Hopefully tomorrow.

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Hello Alex,
the Android app is now showing the same values as on the website.

You found it faster, than I had a chance to tell you it was done. :slight_smile: We are working on improving the HR experience in the app too, so that it is obvious it is an HR workout and automatically set it to HR mode. I am realizing in HR mode it would be best to use slope mode rather than ERG because you are really manually needing to match your HR to the desired target. Does that make sense? We could do ERG but I think slope is better. Also we want to improve the algorythm very soon to simplify conversion so that HR workouts tend to be even more steady state even if they power versions have more variability. So small differences in the same zone will stay flat, but bigger jumps will still show the differences.

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Hola ya estará listo la conversión a HR con Intervals.icu ?