Hopefully an easy query

Hi, I thought I saw how to do this but can’t find it. Basically the app (iOS) always starts with a warm workout. I thought I could turn that off but can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone advise me on how to do that? I do a warmup separately. Thanks in advance!

The warmup is just the default so there is always something available to load when the app is started. As far as I know there isn’t an option to turn it off, but if you select your warmup protocol from the library on app startup then the default warmup will be removed. This is what I do every time I open the app, as I prefer a different warmup. If asked to merge workouts, click “merge” (should be green button when you select your own warmup) and the app will start you off from the beginning of your own warmup, thus removing the default warmup completely.

Note this was not the standard behavior on an older version so make sure your app is updated in the App Store/Play Store and everything should be set… let me know if this doesn’t work or if you’d like me to screen capture what I’m saying

There is a setting. “Start on the training tab” or not, you can start on the library screen and select your own warmup before going to the training tab. I am waiting for someone to create a request to allow them to select their own default warmup.

Thanks both. I think your suggestion Alex should do the trick. Jeremy, plenty of times I’ve chosen my workout and seen the merge/cancel existing workout (which is the default warmup). But it doesn’t always happen. Perhaps it’s because I’ve randomly changed the start on trainer setting. I’ll give it a spin.

That sounds great. Fwiw, if you’re interested in submitting a feature request like Alex mentioned to, you can do it like so: Add a feature request. Vote for a feature request . Might be a nice feature to have. All my warmups are part of my workouts so I don’t really have a need for it

However this is something I feel several people would want if it was an option

Yeah if it is really short or has zero watts we just throw away the first part.