How are Strava activities considered during plan creation?

my commutes and non-training/workout rides are all in Strava, most of them at least with HR data (commutes before training rides also contain power data). When setting up a new plan with coach Jack, how is this “base load” considered?

Background: after reading up on the topic and listening to the interview with Stephen Seiler on the GAINcast, I am convinced a polarized or pyramidal approach makes sense even for me as a recreational athlete. So I am trying to achieve a polarized/pyramidal distribution of my total time in zones (as displayed e.g. in but my commutes contribute more to the tempo/near-threshold time (e.g. commuting with kids in the bike trailer or fast commutes when I’m running late) and I’m wondering if this time is considered when setting up the training plan (either as time in zone or base load).
Thanks for any insight, I know this is not a high priority question so take your time :wink:


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Hi again, great question. Jack is not that smart but it is an interesting idea. I will need to think about this in the future, even as a question(s) would be good start.