How can I use TrainerDay to optimize my outdoor training if I don't want to follow structured workouts?

I am a new user and want to know how to synchronize the historical activities of strava or intervals to trainerday

Hi, currently inside of TrainerDay we are only showing the activities completed in the TrainerDay app. I believe their is a feature request from someone else that asked to see all activites in TrainerDay. We believe most people would use say Intervals or Strava to see the entirety of what they are doing. Just currious is there a reason you want to see it all in our app. I am actually not against this, more just currious.

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I think it would be perfect if I could solve all data analysis and training problems on one platform

I see, I did plan on allowing Strava cycling activities and possibly Garmin to show up in our history on the website, but analysis is something I am avoiding because it is very time consuming (expensive to do) and very hard to keep it simple, even only meeting 80% of the peoples analysis needs. We prefer to become more simple and refined, rather than adding complexity like analysis. If you just mean seeing history like we have now then yes that is more inline with what we are thinking.

There are so many analysis solutions
Strava (for simple)
Garmin (but painful because they don’t let apps such as ours submit activities there)
And millions more :slight_smile:

I do fully appreciate the need for all in one. I can see us potentially going as far as TrainerRoad goes but really we are trying to stay simpler and cheaper.


I’m using at the moment coach Jack.
I build a plan with as a target a race 5/21/2023.
But I use TD only for indoor activities, so all the outdoors activities are out of TD and it’ s impossible to have good analysis about the state of the plan
I think that without the possibility to upload outdoor activities I will abandon TD

If you refer to alex’s post, you could use TD for coach Jack, which is what some are using, but do your analysis of all the rides in another app such as

You could sync all your coach jack plan to and all your rides to it as well then you will have 1 consolidated platform to do your analysis.

There’s no need to abandon TD as the Plans / Workouts it provides is useful

Hi sorry for your frustration but ass app4g pointed out if you want to analysis then Intervals is a great platform. Or there are many other analysis platforms, GoldenCheetah, TrainingPeaks, TodaysPlan, Strava (as some level)…

Even if your rides did show in TrainerDay we don’t have any analysis tools. For free you can see your rides in Strava which is as good or better then what you would have if you saw your rides in TrainerDay. This platform is about workouts and plans but if you are now training outdoors and not following the Coach Jack plan then I agree it does not make sense to continue to pay for our platform.

Hi app4g,
I need one platform that give me advices (possibly AI based) about the plan to follow to obtain my target. So at the moment if I ask to coach Jack it give me a right plan with workout to do but it’s not so adaptive because it doesn’t consider my outdoor workout.
In this case you say… ok bring togheter to (or other like Ai Endurance for example) to analyze your state.
I already use AI Endurance to collect my activities to analyze it and to adapte the plan
as I achieve results. In this case I ask but what’s the scope of TD ? And the response is … execute indoor workout like Zwift, Tacx, ecc ecc. Coach Jack in this case it’s not very useful.

Oh sorry, I did not understand what you mean. No, I strongly recommend training outdoors. It’s much better than indoors, it’s just that Coach Jack can’t help you from analysis stand point. Because Jack is not adaptive. We are working on an adaptive version of CJ and it will look at your outdoor workouts also.

I think your choices for Adaptive plans are, TrainerRoad or Xert. You calso could look at FasCat app, they are working on more adatptive and Frank Overton there is a 99% outdoor guy. I know he is working on something new called Optimize and OTS that he feels is revolutionary.

I remember now that TrainerRoad does not count outdoors either in the AI recommendations unless they have changed it recently.

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Thank you Alex for advices… I like you and I’m sorry to abandon TD :slight_smile:


Thank you, and I hope next year we will have a better solution for outdoor and maybe we can get you back again, best of luck to your training and you can always ask questions here. Happy to help.