How do I delete a workout or training plan?

I had user ask how to delete a job. Not sure if he meant workout or plan but I put both answers below

Workouts are here

Delete plan is when you click this button.


I don’t see this option. Perhaps its in admin mode. I’m subscribed and don’t see it

It’s working for me (no admin :wink: ).
These options will only show for your own workouts and only if you’re logged in.

ahh. workouts that i create & not removing it from the list. is that correct? :slight_smile: Thanks!

If you create a workout you can delete it. If you add a workout that someone else created to your library you can remove it like this

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In my creations 3 jobs have been created by mistake that it is impossible to delete them. I delete them and they reappear. How can I permanently eliminate them.

Did you get your answer above? I don’t know what a “Job” is. A workout you created? A plan? Maybe a workout you added to a list? Manybe you mean you want to delete a list? Please explain better and we can try to help but I believe the answer is above in this list.

It is a training and two of the same have been created that I cannot delete. I erase them and they appear again

After you erase, refresh the page. Does that help? Send me screenshot if it does not.

I have sent you an email with the screens

Sorry I can’t see this email. Can you try resending?