How to use ERG mode properly


I feel stupid asking this but thought I’d ask nonetheless for the avoidance of any doubt and on the off chance that it might help someone else.

I am using an Elite Direto X smart trainer, iPhone 10 XR, and a chest-strap heart rate monitor.

When I start a workout (e.g. 30 minute recovery - classics) should I enable both HR mode and ERG mode or just the one?

On the actual workout, do I just pick one gear and then complete all the stages in that same gear or am I allowed to manually shift gears?

I’m a new ‘cyclist’ and still learning so would appreciate any info.

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Hello Vaz, excellent questions. Don’t worry we all start learning at some point. No you don’t not need to HR mode just because you have HR monitor connected. Just use ERG. In ERG generally people don’t shift gears, they just find a comfortable one frequently some where in the middle range, some times too high or too low will not work correctly in hitting target watts. That said you can switch gears but since it will automatically change the resistance to match the gears it does not have much of an effect. If you want to switch gears and manually try to hit the targets with the right gear and cadence just turn off ERG mode.

There are some good videos on youtube “ERG mode explained.” If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.