HR Control Parameters (How does HR+ work?)

What are the parameters that control the HR+ function ? Is there a point at which the software starts to ‘kick in’ eg. if the target HR is 140bpm how much does HR have to drift above this target before the software starts to reduce the load ?

Sorry for the delayed response. I am on vacation and responding slowly to non-emergencies. The rules are fairly complex, it’s generally taking the last 10 second average and adjusting the target every 30 seconds, I think it lowers the target if it is 2% greater than the target and it increases rather slowly but I don’t remember the exact rules. If you want to control the warmup or want a rapid change then switching to ERG mode is the best way. If you are in ERG mode at 200w for 30 seconds and then switch to HR mode it will start at 200w and adjust from there.

Hope that helps.