HR mode - restrict maximum power

When in HR mode, it could be nice to be able to restrict the power, both lower and max, though max power is more important.

Sometimes HR mode goes too far up in power for my liking on the day, almost no matter how low I set the HR target. This also can create that it dives too much after, and then if unlucky creates these kinds of swings in the power where it jumps up and down quite a lot - always trying to fix my HR

Setting a limit of max power would solve this problem for good, for people knowing both their HR and Power zones

Or/And make an ERG mode, where power is in a defined window - So I can just bike away like in HR mode. Yes, I can do something like that manually by creating a workout, but could be nice with an automatic mode.

Both the HR and ERG versions explained above, could be helpful for a very controlled and automatic workout.

PS: if this is already possible in some way, please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I try to really save more settings for the most critical stuff, but considering how much people love this HR mode it might be worth it, especially if this is a common problem. I think it is more a problem of people that don’t breath deep and consistent and stay in mostly a single position on the bike (this probably constitutes most cyclists, me for sure)… But I am sure there are others (possibly yourself) that HR is just more dynamic in nature…

Can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like and some kind of description so I can visualize the problem? Let me make sure I fully understand.

We actually have some max power stuff in the code, and originally I set it a more tight range and for some people it worked great others it did not so I had to loosen the limits.I totally appreciate the idea and understand the need. The only problem I see is that it’s more like it needs to be a max power based on percent of HR or something, which makes it more confusing. While I believe 90% of the value in our HR function is “Zone 2” or maf zone or whatever you call it, others like to train in other zones and targets. Describing it as 50% (or X%) above HR threshold % makes it very confusing… But maybe there is a simple way to describe it.

I don’t know if you have access to our completed workouts, but you can see what I’m talking about in today’s first workout - if not I can send it to you.

I don’t think you have to adjust anything per se, because it works perfectly for some, and for others like me, it’s off sometimes, but not always - and the concept is 100% spot on!

If there could just be a setting that could overrule/make settings for max power in HR mode, I would prefer that.

For example, set my hr target to middle hr zone 2 and then a max power, in my upper power zone 2 - to stay in true power/hr zone 2 - which hr mode is perfect for, zone 2 training.

Sometimes it goes too far up in Power Zone 3, even with a HR target in lower Zone 2, and it also stays there too long, if the heart rate dropped too much. Even higher once in a while for me, today it was in my Zone 4 power multiple times, and way too long in middle/high zone 3 with an HR target in the middle/lower of HR Zone 2

I know what I’m capable of, like many others, so setting a target HR and a max power, would create a perfect zone 2 workout, every time.

For this in ERG mode, its just a mode where you set a max and a minimum power and it dances within that area until you stop - again could create a pretty perfect workout, that would feel a bit like HR mode.

I would prefer the HR mode solution, but I actually think both solutions could/should be developed, as they can be used a bit different.

Both modes if setup as explained can be used for whatever type of workout people want, im just using zone 2 to explain it.

You can just copy the link from the website that is easiest for me. You can post it here or to private PM to me. This is fastest. Finding it takes a bit of time. I will respond tomorrow to the rest.

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