HR Mode Switching - Next version of app in a few weeks

So I am just starting new thread on this. This next version of our app I am still taking the simple and progressive approach to HR mode. You will be able to switch to HR mode during any workout just like slope mode and switch out of HR mode when ever you want. We won’t have “auto-HR” intervals yet so it will require manual switching. After that we can enhance the editor to allow HR intervals. For now I am just going to turn the whole workout dark blue while in HR mode so it’s obvious you are in HR mode. Kind of like below. This makes it so you can have one continuous workout with HR, ERG or slopes. Just mentioning this incase anyone catches something that I am missing :slight_smile:

My thinking is If you come from higher intensity with higher than HR target to lower intensity HR it will drop over a few minutes to 40% of FTP until your HR gets in range and then ramp up rather quickly. Not sure how this will work :slight_smile:

Nice feature!

I picture using this functionality for an ERG mode for an individualized warm-up, followed by a HR controlled main set at targetted HR.

When you switch to HR mode part way through a workout with this feature, will the warm-up phase of the HR functionality be skipped?

I think right now what you can do (You need to test, I am not 100% sure) is start in HR, switch to ERG, do you own warmup with + - , and then when you are at your target HR switch back to HR and it should work.

But yes when we add this intervals function it will also skip the warmup is the plan

Thanks. I’ll give it a go

Sounds like the single recording of a HR & ERG activity released now - correct?

Any minimum time that you need to spend in HR mode at the start?

So is the single recording of a HR & ERG released now?

It was kind of a mistake that we released it, it’s more like a hack I noticed. Just start in HR for 5-10 seconds should be fine then press ERG.

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I used the combined HR & ERG functionality today and it worked a treat

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