I paid (twice already) and it is still asking me to upgrade and won't let me train

My subscription expired and I paid. I was charged but still appears as “Upgrade today”. So I paid again, and it has not yet upgraded, but I still got charged.

Hi, I assume you mean it says update in the app? If so just restart the app and it will fix it.

It looks like you paid for yearly then paid 0$ and switched to monthly. This kind of caused an issue that you were going to start getting billed monthly so I cancelled the monthly plan. So it does not seem like you over paid. Just sorry this was not more clear.

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I subscribed via app. I receive a message telling me to unsubscribe and resubscribe here. If I do so, will it start when this month expires (08-APR) ? Can i somehow make the internet version be upgraded and then resubscribe 08 APR?

Hi Jay. If you double paid for the same period of time I can give you extra credit of days or if through our site, I can credit your payment. No the problem is Apple and google stores are separate from us so, if you re-subscribe now it will not start your payment at the end of your current period. But if it’s simplest, just re-subscribe now and let me know and I will add more days to your account. Or wait until the day before it expires. But if you paid in the app then the website should be upgraded as well. It’s one price for both no matter where you pay. So if you are not seeing this, it’s possible you have two different accounts. You can send me email to support@trainerday.com and it might be easer. Or responding here is fine as well.