Icons in mobile app

Hi Alex. With apologies if this has been answered before, what do the blue and green lines, and triangle, which appear under the target watts and actually watts signify in the mobile app when completing a workout?

Oh yes, it sounds like you turned on power zones. You can see the description at the bottom of this thread

Thanks Alex - now I understand. But why is the bar under actual watts not the same colour as the one under target zone?

This turned out a little more complex than I hoped… Informitive and small but not as clear as I would like. The reason the right side is green, is that the right side is your actual, so green indicates “correct” or on target. It seemed green was better to show you where the rthe right zone is, rather than it changing colors since the left side shows you the current zone target.

Left side is like upper zone 2 or lower zone X…