Import structured workouts manually to Garmin

Hello all,

I made several structured workouts and I would like to put them online to download for my community by giving zip of mrc, zwo and erg workouts.

And I would like to avoid requiring my community to create an account on TrainerDay for it (even if TrainerDay is amazing).

So a solution would be that they import it manually to their Garmin (like for Wahoo).

I see how to import manually them on Wahoo and Zwift.

But after some searches on Google, I still don’t see clearly how to import them manually on a Garmin head unit.

Use of Garmin connect ? But I can’t find a detailed step-by-step tutorial online for it.
Which file format ? MRC ?

If someone has an idea …

Thanks for your help.

As far as I know there is no way to import an ERG/MRC/ZWO file to Garmin Connect (or Garmin Devices) unless you use a platform such as TrainerDay.

Not a 100% sure but I think you have to drop erg or mrc in the NewFiles dir on your unit when connected by USB.
This works for sure with gpx and tcx.

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