Impossible to send plans to Garmin connect


i’ve been trying to send my current plan (a copy of basebuilder by Fred Diaz) to my Garmin connect Calendar.
Sadly, it doens’t seem to be working.

I’ve tried to send workouts only but the same error message appears for various workouts :
“Sorry an error occurred. It is likely something with this specific workout”

A few seem to work but many of them don’t.

I’ve tried connecting again to both Trainerday and Garmin connect, and various workouts and plans, but nothing seems to correct this problem.

Do you have any idea of what i might be doing wrong ?

thanks in advance

Hello Audrey, we have seen that before, let us review and will let you know. It is probably a problem with a specific workout in that plan (from a bug we had in the past and have fixed). You can send one week at a time or just wait for us to fix it. Should be fixed tomorrow or the next day.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your answer. I will wait a bit then and try again in a few days.

My developer sees the problem and is working on it.

Can you try again? We can’t duplicate this but we think we fixed it.

Just tried it and it worked perfectly!
Thanks again for your help and your reactivity.

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