Improved our FTP test + second subject of JetBlack Z1 Power curve

So previously we took the last minute of the test as the average. In some cases this would add part of the drop in power rather than the true 1 best minute of the ride. So if anyone takes an FTP test here they might see a bump in their FTP depending on how they were taking the test. If you just instantly stopped when you were done this should have little affect.


Hello, I tried doing the FTP test before but my wahoo speed sensor drops out during my rides and therefore kept stopping the test early.

Do you know if Iā€™m able to resolve this? I have wahoo speed + Pixel 4a

Oh, I see. Yes our FTP test has never been tested with virtual power. Sorry about that. This should be a pretty easy fix. We will try to have it done in the next week or so and I will update here and you should get a notification.


Is there anything I can do to stop it dropping in and out?

Also, I have a Jetblack Z1 Pro Fluid trainer. Do you know what powercurve I should use?

Oh good point. I should have asked about the drop outs :slight_smile: Can you send me a link to your completed activity or even better a video of what looks like? is good

I will find the power curve.

Clint looking at power curves, the Minora V100 shoudl be very close to yours. See below. We can work on adding JB Z1.

The top is from JB site, the bottom is ours curves. Our curve is in MPH and theirs is in KPH :slight_smile: