Improving Garmin Connect Experience

So one of the problems (one of many) of Garmin is that when you have workouts coming from TrainerDay, TrainingPeaks or for example you can’t see the details of that workout. We could actually build a chrome plugin that would allow you to do just click on the workout and see the details like in my screenshot below. The information is in Garmin it is just hidden. See below. How many people feel this is important or would like to have this?

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Imo it would be a waste of resources. I use Safari instead of Chrome most of the time. More importantly I try to avoid using Garmin Connect since it is not a good platform so (for me) no need to tweak the user experience over there (even with this tweak it would remain horrible, sorry Garmin).

I know some people use it a lot but it’s too bad that Garmin seems to make poor choices in many cases. I switched to Wahoo but that has it’s own problems… :slight_smile: Really there should be a better solution for outdoor training.

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Personally, I would love an improved Garmin Connect experience. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to calculate how many of your users subscribe to TrainerDay just for the workout library, as opposed to using the app. Maybe you could correlate the users who log on only to view or send workouts, against those who search workouts and use the app, maybe it’s not actually worth the effort. But, I’m definitely in the first camp, I use TrainerDay as ErgDB and don’t really use the app. There must be a reasonably sized group of users like me, and this group benefits from this type of improvement.

I get that Garmin is a multibillion-dollar company while you are a small, plucky upstart with the world’s best workout database :wink: So improvements on integration with the likes of Garmin are difficult to impossible, but any of these ideas does help.

Incidentally, I had suggested placing number of workouts steps in the workout description overview due to problems sending workouts with over 50 steps to Garmin Connect. Have you had any more thoughts around this?

Currently, I get around these problems (workouts not transferring & lack of description in Connect etc.) by manually recreating your workouts in Garmin Connect, to be honest it’s a pain in the Arse!

Most of our paying users are also app users but we have far more in-frequent users or non-app users in total. There are many non-app users that pay as well and I really care about all our users free or not :slight_smile:

We are small and limited funds so revenue has to be our total focus to get to being a sustainable business but we are moving quickly in that direction.

That said if there was a great solution for the 50-step problem I would do it. The problem with the 50 step limit is that it is not a fixed rule. Meaning some times 49 works and depending on how we group the workout into interval steps some times 60 or more might work. There is no clear logic is to what workouts will work and what will not. I am very focused on the Coach Jack Garmin experience lately as again that drives revenue and it is something I have control of because they are our workouts and I understand the nature of the workout and where step simplifications can happen.

Many enhancements that come to benefit our paying users also help our free users.

All that said there is a number of paying users that don’t use the app and don’t use coach jack and I want them as well as the free users to have the best experience possible. Users connected to Garmin are about 25% of our users so I prefer not to distract the other 75% with extra un-necessary information especially since it is not accurate (it’s not always a 50 step limit).

Sorry that is a very long explination. I hope I still sound compassionate about your problem because I am. Are you just trying to search workouts and find ones that would be good for outdoors/garmin?

I think we did not impletment this feature very well and could be improved to help with this problem


I’m not trying to find workouts for outdoors, I just prefer to run my workouts from my Garmin Edge instead of my tablet or phone. What I was trying to get at, just in a wordy and long-winded way, is I would like an improved Garmin Connect experience where possible. This includes your suggestion of a Chrome plugin. Is this something you are actively developing, or did it get shelved? Are there any other ideas or plans to also improve the Garmin experience?