Indoor/Outdoor conversion issues

When converting a workout to outdoor it changes dramatically. Ex 3x10min @100%, it changes the third interval to 65% and extends it to the end of the workout. So to avoid having this issue I keep it on Indoor workout, but still ride outside. Except I noticed that Indoor workouts have my FTP set from 2 months ago, not the updated one I added recently, set in my profile.

I’ve updated my FTP to the same number on other apps I use in case theres some export-chain issues.

Hi, sounds strange 3 @ 100% should remain 3 @ 100%, can you send a link to the workout? We send workouts to Garmin as fixed watts so that when doing the workout you see watts as your target. It’s not a very good design by garmin. We should be able to send % of FTP but you see watts target. So we put FTP in the title so you know your workouts are not the target as before. For this reason it’s better to send workouts for the next couple weeks or month or somethin or use our calendar sync feature. Which as your FTP changes the new synced workouts will be updated. I cant remember but with calendar sync I think as soon as you change FTP it will re-sync

Hope that helps

ok ill try that thanks

Oh yes, this is bug in conversion. Our converter is kind of new and we are doing some magic so it’s hard to predict how 40,000 different workouts will work with it.