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Am i correct in my understanding that if TD & Intervals are connected, an upcoming workout on the Intervals calendar should appear on the TD calendar?

If so, i have connected the accounts but a workout added to today’s calendar on Intervals will not appear on the TD calendar.

Also, how does the “In mobile app” on/off button in the calendar work? If i turn this on, it turns off the “Workout of the Day (in mobile app)” button for the Intervals connection in TD’s “Apps & Devices” . Confused how this works!

We call it 1.5 way sync. We can’t allow adding workouts to Intervals to flow into TD due to restrictions. New workouts must be added to TD, but then can be managed in Intervals.

If you just want to use our mobile app for training turning on WOD in our apps and devices will allow you to see and use these workouts in our training app.

If you want a clearer description of this, it’s probably worth it for me to do a quick video explaining it. Let me know. It’s no trouble and will benefit others.

This WOD switch will turn off our calendar in the app and use Intervals for the calendar source. Is this starting to make sense?

Yes I think I am following you Alex. I’ll have another look at it tomorrow and confirm.


Got it to work thanks @Alex .

I had to logout of the Android app and log back in for the change to “Workout of the Day” from Intervals to work

Oh, if you just pull down on the library in the app it refreshes it (we will improve this in the future). You should not need to log out to get updates like this. Good to hear you got it working.

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Alex, I’ve read through every post related to this topic, but I’m still not understanding this functionality. I too understand that, if I connect/configure my TD & accounts as noted, my planned workouts posted in my calendar will show in my TD app on that day. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get this to occur….I have only been able to send a planned workout from TD to Am I missing something?

Hi, no, actually it is 1.5 sync. We can’t allow that to happen or else intervals workouts would be synced to TrainingPeaks which they don’t want. You can add a workout to your TD calendar and it will sync to intervals and then you can move it on intervals and it will move every where. I realize everyone would love full 2 way sync but we just can’t do it.

If you want to just follow your Intervals calendar workouts in our app, then you just go to our connections click WOD, and you will see your next few workouts in our app but not in our calendar.

Is the TD functionality that you cannot bulk import workouts a requirement of the Training Peaks link also, or is that a possibility for the future?

I’m looking at it from the point of view of how i could build up plans quicker in TD from existing plans & files that i have

No, we could allow bulk imports, no restriction there. I know it’s a gray area difference but still a difference. Other people in the past have asked for this but I am not sure how you would import a plan and it would know which days to put it on. If you just mean a faster way to import a bunch of workouts then I understand, although it takes about 10-20 seconds per workout now so I guess in 10 minutes you could import a whole plan. A painful 10 minutes though… The harder part is importing them to specific days/order. That takes a lot longer. If you have a plan now, how do you know which workout is on which day once you download the file?

It was just the bulk uploading of workouts that would be good.

Thx Alex for your quick reply and clarification!

The calendar syn to my TD iApp WOD is the part I can’t get to work. My settings in my TD account and in my iApp are as you have noted.

BTW, my workouts are classified as “Virtual Rowing” and my TD iApp is set to “RowErg”.

My TD iApp “Workouts -icu” tab is stuck showing the attached workout (not in my calendar) which I can send to my intervals calendar, but can’t remove from my TD iApp :thinking:

Than icu is a list you created. :slight_smile: You need to click on the plan tab (in your screenshot). And make sure this is turned on and you have workouts in the next couple days.

Oh, if they are rowing it might not show up. Test my idea here and if that does not work we will enable rowing workouts to show up as well.

Alex, again…thank you for your reply.

I think I’ve found the hang up in my calendar posting of the WOD to the TD iApp. I have my indoor erg rowing workouts in classified as “Virtual Rowing” to differentiate them from workouts designed for on-the-water outdoor “Rowing”…

Only workouts classified as “Rowing” in the calendar will syn to the TD iApp. I changed the classification of my non-syncing workout from “Virtual Rowing” to “Rowing” and it synced to the TD iApp as promised.

It would be nice to be able to have both rowing workout classifications (“Virtual Rowing” & “Rowing”) sync from their calendar to TD for those of us who track both😎!

Attached are my TD web settings and the details of my workouts I tested to sync with my TD iApp.



We can do that. No problem

Thx Alex! As an erg rower, your iApp has become my go-to for playing my custom designed indoor rowing workouts (was using Xert player). I really appreciate what TD and have done to port what had previously only been provided to the cycling community (designing, “playing”, & tracking Power-based workouts)!

One thought: Have you ever considered an option for the TD app to “play” a workout w/o being connected to a BT device?

I know the TD app provides a “Test” mode, but it would be nice for times (e.g., traveling…at a hotel or gym) when one’s power meter does not have BT capability. The “Test” modes data is pretty distracting…it would be nice to have a less cluttered readout in the TD app you could just “follow” when using “guest” equipment that is not BT-enabled🤗

I did a manual bulk upload of a group of workouts this morning. It’s doable but painful as you say, but a couple of possibly simple changes would make the process so much faster by reducing the amount of keystrokes necessary!

  • Once you have imported the first ZWO file and assigned it to a list, it would be good if TD retained the list selection for subsequent imports.

  • Once you have saved the imported workout, TD takes you to My Workouts filtered by the list you just assigned . If there was a button on this page to " Create a workout from [ ZWO, ERG or MRC ]", then it would save some keystrokes also.

Just feedback, not a need to have!