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I use and I’ve just subscribed to TD for another year. I have a free account on Training peaks. I used zwift to keep me engaged for time to time.

My question is how do I sync my training plans from to zwift via trainer day and training peaks. At the minute my workouts just go to the TD app and not forwarded on to TP.

Is there an easier way to do this?

We can’t allow workouts flow to TP without getting in hot water with TP. So the only way would be to have a mirrored plan or workouts in TD and manually push them to TP. Sorry I don’t have a better solution. Thanks so much for being a yearly subscriber.

Is it possible to push the workout to TP from within the TD app?

It is if the workout is in a TD list or if your current plan is a TD plan but not from the intervals WOD feature.

That’s a shame. Is that a limitation set by TP?

Yes, in my agreement with them I agreed not to allow third party applications to push data through their API. If they allowed this, then they might as well just let David do this directly.

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Is it possible to sync a 6 week training plan from intervals to trainer day?

I’m struggling to do this.

I’ve created a TD list of workouts and within the TD app I see now “Send to” like I see on the web.

No Robert, this is not possible, you can send a plan from TD to intervals though. You can also follow a Intervals training plan in our app but that plan is not transferred to TD in full.

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You can create a plan from that list very quickly (a few minutes) and then you can send the plan to intervals if you have paid TD account.

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You can watch this video for TrainingPeaks but it works the same way for

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