- TrainerDay Sync problem (Resolved)


I’ve been using TrainerDay and as my main indoor training platforms.

I have connected to via TrainerDay Apps and Devices page, but there seems to be a problem with workouts sync. I did 2 workouts last week on the TrainerDay Mobile App (iOS) and after workout completion the workout didn’t sync to The workout is seen on the TrainerDay page, but not on Intervals.Icu.

Please see the screenshots below.

Thanks for your help!

Intervals.Icu screenshot

The activities from Trainerday app sync through Dropbox to intervals!
Did you check if that connexion is still working?

Ah, OK :slight_smile: I had no idea about that. Thought that since there is a direct way to integrate with Intervals.Icu, the connection not only syncs the planned workouts but also completed activities.

I’ve managed to connect it now via Dropbox!

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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Hi, the way workouts sync from TrainerDay to IntervalsICU is through Strava. You must make sure Strava is connected in both. If Strava is connected to TrainerDay and you are not seeing your workout in Strava let me know. If it is in Strava but not in Intervals then you have to talk to David at Intervals. Hope that helps. We don’t have a direct sync to Intervals, only that you can push workouts and Training Plans to your Intervals calendar.

Yeah, I should think about all possibilities before responding. I have the nasty habit of responding with the solutions that are applicable to the way I use the apps…
I’m a bit of a Strava-hater :grimacing:

Funny I responded on my phone and did not see your response. :slight_smile: So I am not any better than you :slight_smile: I did not think about that solution either. I stopped tracking my activities for about 6-months, mostly because I did not want it going to strava :slight_smile: Maybe I should have just turned off strava sync instead.

I am not training but really just cycling with my kids these days. Most of my time is on the BMX on the pump track, which has no Garmin or Wahoo on it :slight_smile: MTB is computer free too. But I started rowing and tracking that, and it brought me back into the strava mix. I had to show everyone what an amazing rower I am (not).

Hehe, it seems we are all Strava “haters” :smiley: I also don’t like the “competitiveness” that Strava brings to the table… so I am not using it…

I managed to get it working with Dropbox, so thanks for your help!

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