Intervals ICU - Two or 1.5 way calendar sync completed

So now if you add workouts or plans to the TrainerDay calendar the next two weeks can be synced to IntervalsICU. This gives you the ability to see a plan on your intervals calendar as well as get these workouts synced to Wahoo, Zwift or many more via TrainingPeaks.

We plan on adding a partial sync allowing you to move workouts around in Intervals but David at Intervals needs to finish one piece of work first. As I mentioned we are limited in what we can do so you won’t be able to add workouts to Intervals and have them sync to TD and farther. All workouts must first be added in TrainerDay.


So now there is no need to manually send plan to

If you are using Coach Jack I would say we want to optimize this experience that reduces the need to send to Intervals and use calendar sync instead. I would say for some people there are still cases where they might want to send an entire plan to Intervals. For example not using Coach Jack and just sending a community plan to Intervals and “forgetting about TrainerDay” and only paying for 1 month of TD premium would be one case. :slight_smile: For Coach Jack we ask people subscribe for the duration of the plan but we don’t block them from CJ downloading the plan and cancelling.

Brilliant! Thank you! This is a rolling 2 weeks?

It’s actually this week and next week rolling. If anyone needs more we can extend it a little. David finished his part so soon we will be working on 1.5 way sync as I mentioned so you can “mostly” manage your calendar in Intervals. Moving workouts and renaming and eventually deleting workouts in intervals. Just not adding or modifying structure.

Ok “two way” sync is here. It’s really 1.5 way as you can’t edit structures in intervals or add new workouts in intervals but you can delete and move workouts in intervals.



Why is it only this and next week that is synced?
I have to move my whole plan in TrainerDay to this week and move it in intervals back to the original date. Only then I see my whole plan in intervals too.
I think I can’t send the plan directly to intervals, because then sync to trainingpeaks won’t work, or?
So it would be nice, that at least the plans on the calendar will be synced completely.

We just do this week and next for performance reasons but I can move your question to a new post and make it a feature request. If enough people want this I would assume we could make it work. Why do you need your whole plan there? You could push your whole plan there and have a duplicate in TD but then if you move things you have to move it in both places.

Why do I need my whole plan there? I would like to see more than two weeks sync’ed to intervals because I like using intervals as a projection of my future fitness based on whatever plan I have linked to it through my calendar. I would be happy to manage my plan in TD and then sync to intervals manually. Would you prefer I push the plan to intervals? I don’t know how to do that in this moment, but if its’ easy, I suppose that would work as well.

It makes sense. It’s easy to push the whole plan, currently that is the only option. Just get the plan in my plans and then you can push the whole plan to intervals.