WOD misinterprets power ranges

I have a custom workout in

- 6m 50%
- 6m 55%
- 6m 60%
- 1m 40%
- 30s 100%
- 1m 40%
- 30s 105-130% 110rpm
- 1m 40%
- 30s 105-130% 110rpm

Main set 5x
- 3m 40%
- 3m 105-130% 110rpm

- 3m 55%
- 5m ramp 55-30%

The workout uses ranges for power. The TD app (iOS) misinterprets these intervals as ramp intervals.

Now, as far as I understand, TD doesn’t support power ranges. I would expect it to use the average interval power instead.

Here’s how sees it:

Oh sorry, so slow on this. I read it and forgot about it. I will talk to David to understand how his API works. Correct we have ramps but not user configurable ranges.

This should be fixed now.