Invalid Speed and Distance calculation

Hello, I’ve been using TrainerDay before and never had issues. Today I did a ride and everything was fine, but the app calculated insane speed and distance. I was quite surprised when I saw the Strava notification about best distance :smile:
Anyone can take a look? I can’t upload files here so here is the activity ID: 62cc5acc9ad4a527f99c9647

Thank you

What version of our app do you have? We just released a bug fix a couple days ago so you can see if you can update our app.

Hmm should be the latest available on the store? I’ve installed the app fresh on my M1 air last night before the workout. I can’t check the version currently.

Oh no, if you installed yesterday then this is something else. My developers are researching. We had this bug in our last version but we were pretty sure it was fixed.

Thanks for taking a look. Keep me updated.

He fixed this specific workout, but we are still not exactly sure how this happened. We will keep looking.

Oh no, they did find and hopefully fixed the issue it was some strange rare case.

Sounds great, let me know when the fix is live. Thank you.

This fix is live.

Great :+1: Works great now. Thanks for the work.

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